Spring club selections:
– three 2016 Glass White Pinot
– three 2015 Provocateur Pinot

Shipping/pick up schedule:
– warm states, week of March 13
– cooler states, week of April 10
– pick up, begin April 14

February 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Visiting J.K. Carriere

At J.K. Carriere we believe that farming with intention, and winemaking with detail, brings forth high-acid, high-IQ wines. We also like to linger, preferably overlooking the mountains, with something good in…

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September 26, 2017 in Event

Fri, Oct 13: Harvest masterclass with Jim … and lunch

Come see what really happens when building high-minded Pinot Noir in October in Oregon. Moreover, get immersed in both the process and garner a pretty tasty lunch around a long…

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August 25, 2016 in Event

Sat, Nov 4: Parrett Mtn Paulée Party

Parrett Mountain neighbor wineries Beckham Estate and Crowley Wines as well as Wolves & People Brewing join us for La Paulée, a traditional end-of-harvest celebration. The crew at Crown Paella…

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A dozen. A case.
A familiar number. An easy number.

… and a flexible number, if you go in for that kind of squishy math. 12, J.K. Carriere’s wine club, is designed to ensure that you don’t miss out on our limited-release wines, but that they are indeed the bottles you want. Our ‘starting conversation’ is two shipments, six bottles each, spring and fall. Those wines, outlined below. are a great way to get to know our offerings. That said, we invite you to customize your shipment by adding or substituting wines (you’ll have a chance to tell us with each shipment), including those bottlings outside the ‘starting conversation’; or, keep it simple and stick with the default.

Other benefits include

  • The first shot at additional offerings (annual library sale, special bottlings, etc.)
  • Case pricing on all wine purchased, and occasional club-only discounts
  • Free admission to all public tastings, including tasting room visits
  • Occasional members-only events at the winery
  • Updates about the winery and its wild-eyed owner/winemaker, Jim Prosser

Here’s how it works

Sign up for 12 using our on-line order form. We’ll contact you about which wines you’d like included in your first shipment, and when to send it. We’ll bill your credit card on file at the time of shipment or pickup. The club rolls forward until you tell us to stop, and you can cancel with a simple email or phone call.

April - 2016 Glass White Pinot Noir ($24, club $20)
April - 2015 Provocateur Pinot Noir ($26, club $22)
Nov - 2015 Vespidae WV Pinot Noir ($42, club $36)
Nov - 2015 Limited Bottlings ($65, club $57)

* Club pricing does not include shipping or applicable taxes.