A late spring and Indian summer bracketed a low-yield growing year, thus allowing wines of length, complexity and ripeness.

Similar to the tall poppy of 1999, a cool summer was fortunately appended by a lengthy fall, to allow balanced ripeness, retention of acid and development of complexity in the berries. The wines should well show themselves for an extended length of cellar ageing.

2008 Glass Willamette Valley White Pinot Noir

In glass it’s the pale silvery pink of Champagne lingerie. The nose screams citrus and musk in the manner of flowering lime trees. On the palate the surprising and lip-tingling acidity of mouth-watering sherbet is pulled by a harnessed team of lemons and limes for a cool eternity into your warm summer night. 2008 as a vintage was cooler and late hanging until the nice ripening kiss of an Indian summer. It’s the setup and blessing that hones the knife edge in a cool-climate Pinot noir region, whether producing reds in Oregon or Blanc de Noirs in Champagne. Those on their game in the vineyard were rewarded with long ripening flavor development and preservation of acidity, elements critical to producing exceptional “white from reds.” May we present our argument for the importance of wine texture, our claim for color not being a flavor and our case for a case, to quench your thirst this summer. 415 cases. Sold out.