St. Dolores Estate

Chehalem Mountains

Personally farmed by Jim and his crew at the winery, this virgin 40-acre south-facing flank of Parrett Mountain lies just east of Newberg, Oregon. Established in 2009, the vineyard is non-irrigated, organically farmed and sitting at an elevation of 500-700 ft. With eight variants of Jory soil (volcanic) and young vines, the red fruit ripens reasonably early, with moderate acid and substantial structure. Fruit comes from the Front Block planted in 2009 (Pommard, vertical shoot positioned [VSP]) the Lower Block planted in 2010 (Wadenswill, VSP), and the East Block planted in 2011 (Pommard, VSP).

Temperance Hill Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills

Managed by Dai Crisp, this 130-acre south-facing vineyard is at the top of the Eola Hills, west of Salem, Oregon. Established in 1981, the vineyard is non-irrigated, organically farmed, and sitting at an elevation of 650-870 ft. With primarily Jory soils, the red fruit is late ripening, with higher acidity and medium tannin. Our fruit comes from several blocks including the oldest, the Front Block-East planted in 1981 (Pommard, head pruned, hanging cane), The Flats planted in 1983 (Wadenswill, head pruned, hanging cane), Rocky Slope (Wadenswill, VSP) and East Back Chardonnay (Clone 96, VSP).

Anderson Family Vineyards

Dundee Hills

Owned by Cliff and Allison Anderson, the vineyard occupies 20 south- and east-facing acres in the Dundee Hills, Yamhill County, Oregon. Established in 1992, the vineyard is non-irrigated, organically farmed and sits at an elevation of 250-400 ft. The Jory soils yield complex early ripening red fruits with lower acidity and firm tannin. Our fruit comes from the south block, planted in 1992 with VSP, Dijon 115 clone Pinot Noir.

Gemini Vineyards

Chehalem Mountains

Owned by Dale and Marcella Hatfield, this nine-acre south-facing vineyard is in the hills west of Sherwood, Oregon. Established in 1995 on Laurelwood soils at an elevation of 500 ft., the vineyard is non-irrigated and sustainably farmed. The red tropical fruits are early ripening with higher acidity and medium tannin. Our fruit is from the south block front, planted in 1995 with VSP, grafted Pommard clone Pinot Noir.

Brooks Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills

Formerly named Eola Hills Vineyard, Brooks vineyard is biodynamically farmed by Chris Williams of Brooks Wines. This mid-slope vineyard on the eastern flanks of the Eola Hills delivers dark and nuanced cherry fruits from both Pommard and Dijon clone Pinot noir.

Shea Vineyards


Owned by Dick Shea, the vineyard spans 140 acres in Yamhill-Carlton, Yamhill County, Oregon. Established in 1989, this non-irrigated, sustainably farmed vineyard is known for Willakenzie soils, which yield its early ripening dark fruits with low acidity and dense tannins. Our fruit comes from Block 12 on the mid-slope east, which was planted in 1999 with VSP, Dijon 777 clone Pinot noir.

Barron-Wahl Vineyards

Chehalem Mountains

Established in 2006, this 16-acre east-facing vineyard is owned by Bill Wahl. The vineyard on Parrett Mountain, near Sherwood, Oregon, is non-irrigated and sustainably farmed. The Jory soils yield red fruits with higher acidity and lighter tannins. Our fruit comes from the mid-north, which was planted in 2006 with VSP, Dijon 115 and 777 clone Pinot Noir.

Louis Vineyards

Chehalem Mountains

These two small east facing vineyards established by Ron Louis and farmed by Onesimo Mora are mid-slope and lower on the hills west of Newberg, Oregon. The vineyard’s Jory and Woodburn soils deliver our earliest ripening fruit with a moderate to dark red nature and light tannins.

St. Paul Vineyard

Willamette Valley

This nine-acre south-facing vineyard, which lies on a low escarpment rising up from the Willamette River flood plain near St. Paul, Oregon, was established in 1985. Farmed by Onesimo Mora and his brothers, the vineyard’s Woodburn soil delivers riper lemon characters to the small amount of older vine chardonnay we source from it.

Black Walnut Vineyard

Dundee Hills

This nine-acre south-facing vineyard was established by the Utz Family on a relatively high south-facing slope of the Dundee Hills in 2004. Farmed by Andy Humphries, the vineyard’s Jory soil delivers centrist cherry fruits with earthy overtones and monderate tannin. Grape purchases concluded after vintage 2013.