J.K. Carriere makes primarily Pinot noir (and a bit of Chardonnay), producing classic, vivid and ageable wines with fruit on the first uptake, movement on the palate and elegance throughout. The wines are classically built and substantial, residing at the highest end of the acid spectrum amongst domestic Pinot Noir. 

  • We think it important to know our craft cold.
  • We believe a beer tastes better after a hard day’s work.
  • We do not believe in better living through chemistry.
  • We, in the main, use organic or biodynamic vineyards.
  • We dry-farm all of our grapes, in conjunction with a process called rain.
  • We wild-yeast ferment all of our wines.
  • We grow and build the wines we like to drink; they center on acid.
  • We ensure the emperor will always be wearing his clothes when you open our bottles.