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Early May 2011

My daughter is a kick in the pants. She is not a big person, at around two feet, but I know her to be beauty and love absolute. It's the shirt-sleeve nature of her emotions, the future - but lack of gravity about it - in her eyes. She is fully present, decidedly not looking back, in her overturned bowl of Cheerios.

I aspire to her, and to not wreck her, save the diapers and the inevitable. She's got something to teach, similar to the tumult of countries and wives and sisters and, yes, vineyards. What she shows most is a willingness to fall. I recognize it to be paramount, because if one wants to throw sparks, then one has to fall completely in, against the grinding wheel of life.

That's why in spite of a rear-view full of economic turmoil and a windshield obscured by uncertainty, we're leaving the tractor in gear. The hum of the auger is singing from the vineyard as we plant another two blocks of Pinot. We just hired a new direct sales manager, Meg Murray, to ensure our customers have the best possible experience when they show up on our door. And, to battle some fortunate and surprising scarcity, Cory and I are making arrangements to produce a wee dram more wine from our excellent vineyard sources this fall.

Does it matter that we step? Who the hell knows? The opportunity is in front of us, the capacity is inside of us, and the row is straight ahead to living fully and authentically. I'll grant you that we could be wrong, we could fall, but you aren't going to go all in with us, and you damn sure won't feel any sparks, unless we're fully in ahead of you.

My daughter's first two linked words were the not-too-precious "butt paste," so know that our life and learning up here on the mountain are pretty close to the ground. During these warming days, we'd love for you to come up the hill and let gravity and the view and our wines work on you. We'll do our best to make sure that you're practiced at falling ... in love with what we do.


Jim Prosser
Owner/winemaker/baby wrangler


New Releases


2010 Glass
Cool weather and the hungry habits of migratory birds led to a relatively small 2010 harvest in Oregon, so we've pledged to help you enjoy every drop of the limited yield. Just in time for the warm days of summer, our 2010 Glass Willamette Valley White Pinot Noir is here. A peach-copper in glass, this wine's first aromatic impression is watermelon followed by floral lime, Meyer lemon and Maria biscuits. The racy palate delivers lemon-lime, earth, grape and gooseberry on a rail of complex citrus. Slight spritz, grip, and bitter combine on rolling acidity to take it long and quenching into your warm summer evening. Get your summer stash! $20 ($18 case/club). Read the full tasting notes. order


2009 Provocateur
2009 was a very warm growing year leading to very ripe grapes and expectations of easy, overripe, boozy and jammy wines. We worked assiduously to reign in the forces of over-ripeness in the vineyard and then built for absolute balance in the cellar. The 2009 Provocateur is our lead-off batter for the vintage. The translucent garnet color of the wine gives way to a reserved nose of cherry, boysenberry and blond spice. The palate is fairly balanced between ripe dark plum and refreshing red raspberry: a full and easy start leads to cherry chutney, grilled steak and bay leaf before finishing on rhubarb pie, light smoke and red cherry pit. The structure is not perceptible at entry, but builds to a nice just-visited overall mouth reminder. To be sure the 2009 Provocateur Pinot is "available," but you had better have a pretty good working knowledge of the classics and wickedly smart wit, should it deign to take you home. $24 ($21 case/club price). Read the full tasting notes. order


Also available
Let us know what we can put together to complete your order:

WV Chardonnay, $32 ( $28 case/club) Last call!
2008 WV Pinot Noir, $45 ($36 case/club)
2007 WV Pinot Noir, $42 ($38 case/club)
2007 Anderson Family WV Pinot Noir, $70 ($60 case/club)
We have magnums in WV Pinot and some Limited Bottlings. Please inquire.
Print and fax back the order form, or call 503-554-0721.


Memorial weekend in wine country
Jim remembers fondly his first open house, Memorial weekend 2001 in the old barn. It was just him, one wine, pouring over an old door resting on two barrels, the only decoration a mason jar of daises bobbing in the warm spring breeze. Things were so simple back then! Ten years later, we're striving to keep things fresh, fairly simple . and provocative. Join us:

Saturday, May 28th, 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday, May 29th, 11 am to 5 pm
(closed Monday)

Of course we'll be tasting those new releases, 2010 Glass and 2009 Provocateur, as well as other current offerings. Italia Via Caserta joins us with their artisan cheeses. And for the provoked, we invite you to join our facial hair photo contest. $10 fee. Mustaches complimentary. 9995 NE Parrett Mtn Rd, Newberg, OR 97132, 503-554-0721.


New staff
Meg Murray: direct sales manager
Ever since Meg was a little girl she wanted to rule the world. So when the direct sales manager position at J.K. Carriere opened she thought it would be the perfect fit (it's an admittedly small world). She started in this new role at J.K. Carriere in April and comes to us with more than eight years of wine industry experience and many more years of drinking experience. Meg's husband Jerry helped out at J.K. Carriere earlier in his winemaking career, and he considers Jim one of his mentors, even if Jim refuses to take on that title.

In her free time Meg likes to play BINGO, indulge in pickled foods and spend time with her husband, two dogs, and soon, her first baby (due in November).

Coming out to visit us? Meg is your point person. Drop
Meg a line so she can set up an appointment for you and your guests. She'll be happy to help you make the most of your visit to the Willamette Valley. Just ask!

Caption: Meg sports her provocative mustache* and wonders: "if a rainbow ends in the vineyard will I find a case of Grand Cru Burgundies at the end of it?"
*Shameless plug: Join us this Memorial Day weekend to get your own provocative mustache.


Cory Waller: assistant winemaker
Cory has never met a statement on which he couldn't try to turn a funny phrase. Try. He has been with us for about a year, anchoring the cellar and knowledgeably entertaining those who have crossed his path at the winery. We have come to rely on him, but have been remiss in introducing him, though he's scarcely shed a tear.

Cory started his journey into the wine industry in 2002 while he was living with his brother in Napa and happened upon a job at a winery. When asked why he wanted to get into the wine industry his answer was simple: "Because it is easier to make beer at home than to make wine at home." He originally thought he would go the brewery direction, but after that first harvest in Napa, he was hooked. Since then he has had the pleasure of working in Napa, Oregon and New Zealand. In the spring of 2010 he joined J.K. Carriere and our quest for high acid, well rounded, elegant Pinot noir.

When asked what keeps him passionate about winemaking he quickly admits "drinking it." His bachelor of arts in anthropology helped him easily recognize Jim's long-armed, knuckle-dragging, old-world style of winemaking and has promised he can help Jim walk upright. In his free time he likes to drink (sensing a pattern here), play music and snowboard. Other than that he likes to "pretend to be cool." His favorite color: seven (when asked for more clarification he refused.)

Caption: Assistant winemaker Cory Waller 'keeping the barnyard out of the barrels'.


New additions in the vineyard
The main question this spring was whether to build an ark or continue to plant the vineyard. We could have loaded the ark with animals (deer) not just by the pair, but by the dozen and floated it from this hill on the record March or April rains. But alas, we had bought steel trellis and not wood, thereby dashing our hopes as shipwrights and captains.

Instead, post culmination of three years of prep, we planted two more vineyard blocks just east of the winery. "We," by the way, means a crew of nine with Jim acting as bad Spanish language errand boy. Ego must be lost when one hopes to keep others working in one's stead on a "rock farm." End posts and three acres of Pommard clone Pinot noir on rootstock made it into the ground under perfect timing in about a week. Three years hence we'll see grapes.

And then there were the Easter eggs. We could hardly believe our luck, given all the 'fresh and local' that is justifiably revered here near Portlandia. Numerous freshly dug Easter eggs, sized from a baseball to a billy goat, came perfectly ripe and fresh out of the same holes in the ground from which we'd dug. Covered with red earth, some slippery in their mineral content, some just plain volcanic, all amongst the most bountiful rocks we've ever seen. In fact, we feel so blessed about this bumper crop that we want to share them with you. During Memorial Day you'll receive 63 lbs of rocks free with every wine purchase . . . no exceptions! Or let us know and we can extend it into the summer for when you are able to borrow your boss's luxury car and give him his reward, while you are up here getting your own. Out of state? Don't worry, we ship.


Our tasting room at the winery is open for the season! Join us Fridays & Saturdays, 11 am to 4 pm, or by private appointment at other times (except Sunday; we really need one day off!). Bring your relatives, your out-of-town guests, your neighbors, your love. Show them your favorite little gem of a winery.

J.K. Carriere
9995 NE Parrett Mtn Rd,
Newberg, OR 97132


On the calendar
Friday, May 6th: Taste J.K. Carriere wines along with others from the Chehalem Mountains AVA at Mountains to Metro, Governor Hotel, Portland, $40.

Saturday, May 14th: Jim pours his wares at the Alberta St. wine shop Cork, in Portland from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Saturday, May 21st: Wine Club Pick Up Party. Club members and their guest only, please. 11 am to 4 pm at the winery.

Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th: Memorial Weekend Open House. Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday 11 am to 5 pm at the winery.

Thursday, May 26th: Winemaker dinner at The Olive and The Grape, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Friday and Saturday, June 17th and 18th: Jim pours at Pinot Days in San Francisco.

Thursday, July 28th: Pre-IPNC Winemaker Dinner at J.K. Carriere. Details to be announced.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 29th to July 31st: J.K. Carriere is a featured winery at this year's International Pinot Noir Celebration, McMinnville, Oregon.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The J.K. Carriere Crew
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