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September 2011

Hello friends,

Last night I hadn't expected to find myself upside down in a tree, goggles on, smoking peaches, croquet mallet in hand. Therein lies the problem with dreams: While dreaming, reality can slide right on by. We've been dreaming quite a lot here at J.K. Carriere in recent years. So much so that we forgot about our own tenth vintage anniversary last year (doesn't 1999 to 2009 sound like ten years? turns out it's actually eleven) and thereby, missed a super-slick marketing opportunity to get over on your sense of loyalty. We coulda dreamed it up real big. Shoot.

So instead, we decided to go with what you've told us works: namely, great wine and the next vintage. That next JKC release, two more of our 2009s, is now. With a vintage whose core nature is ripe, upfront and available fruit, we are pleased as heck to stand and deliver. Our flagship super-vetted JKC 2009 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir delivers plush vs. vibrant on a balanced chord. This year we christened it "Vespidae," the Latin name for the wasp on our label that keeps trying to kill me. Alongside that release comes our ample, racy, mineral JKC 2009 Willamette Valley Chardonnay, which now bears the name "Lucidité" - a nod to both its Burgundian inspiration and its fresh acidity. We'll be uncorking both at our annual release party on Sunday, Sept 25th.

Yep, what we've got for you this year is, frankly, more of the same: Great wine made because we would do no less, a place on a hill where you can know beauty, a commitment to shared generosity with friends and family, and extolling a lifestyle that embraces real. We keep bringing you this un-glossy story, the one that intones you to corner your friends around a table, stuff wonder in their bellies and pour generosity down their throats. Ours is not to scream at you, nor bombard you with message, but rather, to provide you with oh-so-real craftsmanship, and a little bit of dreamy. From J.K. Carriere you're buying the promise of a gracious evening. We're putting "kept" in every bottle.

Hope to see, or hear from you, and hopefully not dream about you, this fall.

Jim Prosser

1999 to 2009

September Release Party
Sunday Sept 25th
Noon to 5 pm

Please join us at the winery on Parrett Mountain for our (11th) annual September release party! We're kicking off the fall season and celebrating the release of the 2009 Vespidae WV Pinot Noir and 2009 Lucidité WV Chardonnay. We'll be pouring the new wines as well as our other current offerings, enjoying some excellent food, soaking in the September sunshine, and catching up with you! Noon to 5 pm. Complimentary for club members and those already on our mailing list (that's you, if you received this email directly); all others $10.
J.K. Carriere, 9995 NE Parrett Mountain Road, Newberg, OR 97132. directions

New Releases
2009 in Oregon was a warm vintage pushing the needle towards the power side of the power/grace divide that characterizes Pinot noir. Ripe with upfront available fruit is the nature of the year. Too much is not the same as balance, and fruit leather poppers not being our endgame, it required pulling in the reins to gain plush, but avoid overripe, boozy and jammy.

2009 Vespidae Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Class: Insecta, Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Vespidae, Reaction: Anaphylaxis, Result: Mors (death). Yes, such sweet Latin names for the little *&^#$! that keep trying to kill me. We strive to be real here at JKC, so I thought it fitting that our flagship wine, which already pays homage to my wasp nemesis, should now also bear its Vespidae name. The wine is moderate cherry in color and smells like an earthy-smoky plum and juniper berry jam. It's big and available, throwing savory spice and pepper jerky as a precursor to dusty cherry. Not lacking acidity, but it's surprisingly resolved in a rustic balance of peat, grain, malt, dark oak, blueberry, spice and Oreo cookie. There's a good balance of sweetness to savory with the third leg of acid just shy and fine tannins in context to respect the overall vintage. Vineyards: Temperance Hill, Shea Vineyard, Black Walnut, Gemini Vineyard and Anderson Family. 876 cases. $42/bottle, $36 case & club price. order

2009 Lucidité Willamette Valley Chardonnay
Are you telling me you've liquidated my position on straw, Mr. Stiltskin? The color of pale straw in glass, the '09 Chard gives up hazelnut, lemon curd and honey on the nose. Earth, yellow grapefruit, Smarties and slightly green floral (daisy, Pinesol, hay) display on the palate. Good weight emulating the lemon/honey/bourbon of a hot toddy is driven home by prominent acidity and an ever-so-slight spritz for freshness and . lucidity. We picked early in an otherwise warm year to maintain that freshness and then held it long in barrel to drive the earth and brioche characters that come from yeasts as they get old and creaky. This wine is from a single vineyard, Temperence Hill's high and late-harvested southeastern shoulder in the Eola Hills. 88 cases. $32/bottle, $28 case & club price order

Order wine
Following is the complete list of the wines currently available.

Vespidae Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $42 ($36 case/club)
Available fruit + acid balance = plush
2009 Lucidité Willamette Valley Chardonnay, $32 ($28 case/club)
A classic chardonnay with freshness and minerality
2009 Provocateur Pinot Noir, $24 ($21 case/club)
A fresh wave of ripe raspberry
2010 Glass Willamette Valley White Pinot Noir, $20 ($18 case/club)
Yes, a few cases of our summer sipper remain! Get yours.
2008 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $45 ($38 case/club)
The tall poppy of a great vintage grows ever taller in bottle.

Order online or contact Linda (503-554-0721, ext 2). We are happy to accept orders for cooler Ground shipping later in the fall (your credit card will not be billed until the wine is shipped).

Anniversary 10-vintage vertical
Though we missed our 10th anniversary of being in business (we were busy celebrating our grand opening of the new winery), and the 10th anniversary of vintages (guess we just can't add), we want to mark the occasion of ten years anyway with the following special vertical:

Ten-vintage vertical
One each of J.K. Carriere's Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs, 1999 through 2008
1999 WV Pinot noir - One of the best of Oregon and the vintage
2000 WV Pinot noir - Great acid, linear and inordinately ageable
2001 WV Pinot noir - The sleeper, starting to reward like the '93s
2002 WV Pinot noir - Simply the best JKC Pinot yet
2003 WV Pinot noir - Balance at the huge end of the spectrum
2004 WV Pinot noir - Smooth and expressive, and always there
2005 WV Pinot noir - Dark, classic, elegant, drinking wonderfully
2006 WV Pinot noir - Ripe, complex, age-worthy ... What's not to love?
2007 WV Pinot noir - Classic, beautiful, substantial, made for the table
2008 WV Pinot noir - Balanced power and grace in a heralded vintage
$595, no substitutions please

Nail biting and mass casualties: 2011 pre-harvest update
I was at a dinner party a few nights ago, and when the topic turned to the prospects of this year's grape harvest, of course all eyes were on me. Well, I started to cry, fell on the floor pounding my fists and gnashing my teeth, then smiled through tear-stained eyes, laughed hysterically, and finally, toasted to greatness around the room. It turns out I am neither a conjurer nor reader of cards to know precisely what Mother Nature has in store.

Here's what's transpired to date and what we're doing about it: We had a chilly and wet extended spring that stayed cool well into the third week of July before summer finally began to appear (our first 90 degree day was in mid-August). The consequence of that was a fairly large crop of grapes that were running about a week, and in some cases more, behind last year's record cool pace. Not an easy trajectory, but what to do?

Grab a knife and start dropping perfect grape clusters on the ground. This step speeds ripening by concentrating the collective solar energy of all those photo-receptor leaves into just a tiny amount of fruit left behind. It is my job every year to get every vineyard, not merely 90% but 100%, ripe and to the finish line before the predictable late October storms arrive in Oregon. We've eschewed magic for a sharp knife and a small crop. I'm sorry if my earlier crying and wishing and crazy may now seem to you, less effective. - jp

Fall calendar
Sat/Sun Sept 10 & 11: Pinot in the City, Portland's Pearl District
Pinot in the City is two spectacular days of Willamette Valley wines, winemakers and food. J.K. Carriere and more than 100 Willamette Valley wineries will converge on Portland and transform one urban block into a wine country experience. For more info and to purchase tickets go to www.willamettewines.com.

Sun Sept 25: J.K. Carriere September Release Party
We're kicking off the fall season and celebrating the release of the 2009 Vespidae WV Pinot Noir and 2008 Lucidité WV Chardonnay. We'll be pouring the new wines as well as our other current offerings, enjoying some excellent food, soaking in the September sunshine, and catching up with you! Noon to 5 pm. Complimentary for club members and those already on our mailing list; all others $10. J.K. Carriere, 9995 NE Parrett Mountain Road, Newberg, OR 97132. directions

Sun, Oct 9: Slow Food $5 challenge potluck
Join us in taking the Slow Food challenge: Cook a slow food meal for less than the cost of a fast-food 'value' meal. Share your experience, your recipe, and the end result at our Sunday night potluck, 5 to 8 pm at the winery. We know where to find some wines. See our news page for more info, guidelines, and to rsvp. If you can't make it to the potluck, sign up to take the Slow Food Challenge, then gather your family and friends at home and tell us about your experience via email or on Facebook.

Sat, Oct 22: Harvest dinner with Hunt & Gather
Please join owners Jim & Allison Prosser for our 2nd annual harvest dinner at J.K. Carriere. Acclaimed chef Andrew Biggs of Hunt & Gather Catering will prepare a family-style farm country meal, served in our mezzanine space and paired with current and library wines from J.K. Carriere. Jim will be your guide to the bird's-eye view of what's happening on the winery floor with the grapes and in your glass with the juice. 6 pm. $75 per person, all inclusive. Please contact
Linda (503-554-0721, ext 2) to reserve your seats. Your credit card will be billed at the time of reservation.

Sat, Nov 19th: Wine club Thanksgiving preview

Fri/Sat, Nov 25 & 26: Thanksgiving open house

Sat, Dec 3: Tasting room closes for season.

Fall wine tasting
The tasting room will continue to be open Fridays and Saturdays, 11 am to 4 pm, through December 3rd. Fall is a fun time to come out and see the action in the winery, so set aside a Friday or Saturday to get a look at the action. Our ability to take private appointments mid-week during harvest is more limited, so please call in advance to check on availability, 503-554-0721. 9995 NE Parrett Mountain Road, Newberg, OR 97132

We're looking forward to catching up with you!

Linda Crabtree
Jim Prosser
J.K. Carriere
9995 NE Parrett Mtn Rd
Newberg, OR 97132

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